ChexSystems Removal – How to get out of ChexSystems

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In this Section we cover the subject of "ChexSystemss". We will explain what Chex Systems is and what to do to get out of ChexSystemss if placed in.

Being in
ChexSystemss is something you definitely want to avoid as if will prohibit you from getting a checking or savings bank account.

Getting out of ChexSystemss at time can be as simple as sending the 1st template letter below. However in most cases this can be a pretty long process; so buckle up.

Step#1 – Go to the official ChexSystemss website to order your FREE ChexSystemss report. OFFICIAL REPORT HERE . DO NOT PAY for any reports from any other website as it is a SCAM.

Step#2 – Once you receive your report in the mail, use Template #1 from below with your edited information instead. 1 letter will go to ChexSystemss, and 1 letter will go to the bank. Make sure you send the letters Certified Mail Only. (Be Law ChexSystemss has 30 days to respond or they must remove your file)
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Template#1 – ChexSytems 1st Dispute Letter


(Full Name ……)
(Complete Mailing Address………..)

ChexSystemss Consumer Relations
7805 Hudson Road
Suite 100
Woodbury, MN 55125

( Date…..)

To the Consumer Relations Dept,

I was notified that (bank name) submitted records to ChexSystemss with negative information under my SSN. The entry listed from (bank name) regarding a (transaction information listed on ChexSystemss report).

I know nothing about this transaction with (bank name). Please submit verifiable proof of my legal signature for this transaction, as well as any other documentation that pertains to this transaction.

Please remove all negative information on my SSN that is associated with this transaction, if no such information can be provided.

(Your Contact Info….. )

NOTE: Send a Bank Dispute letter at the same time as you send this.

—- — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Option 1:
If ChexSystems sends you a response within 30 days Inform ChexSystemss that you would like to have a full description of the procedure used to confirm that the information they sent you was valid. In the same letter request a list of names, addresses and phone numbers of the people they contacted at your bank. Reference that you are aware of Wenger v. Trans Union Corp., No. 95-6445 (C.D.Cal. Nov. 14, 1995). Request a response within 14 days. If no such response will occur, that you will contact the FTC and your state’s Attorney General’s office. You can also take them to small claims court for charges of Defamation, Violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Negligent Enablement of Identity Fraud.

Option 2:
If ChexSystems does not respond to your 1st letter within 30 days then you want to write them the following letter and the letter below that to the bank.

Template#2 – ChexSytems 2nd letter to NON Response

This letter is to inform you that you have not sent any information or proof as to why my name has been added to ChexSystemss. As you have not replied within the legally binding 30 day period that guides all federally sanctioned credit agencies, I must presume no such proof is forthcoming or exists.

Please not that you have 30 days from the date of this letter to reply. Any failure on your part to respond will be interpreted as a waiver to all claims on your part. I will expect my name, social security number, and other information added to the ChexSystemss records to be in error and consider this matter finished.

I have been sending letters in good faith and it is simply unacceptable on your part not to respond for my legally entitled requests for proof in the matter of this claims being leveled against me. Either provide me with valid, legally binding proof, or remove all information associated with me from your list. By not replying to my last letter, you are in fact violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act and you are liable in court.

Failure to reply within 30 days will result in maximum damages in small claims court regarding identity fraud, defamation, and violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Be assure I will process this claim to the full extent of the law.

You can contact me here

(Your Contact Info….. )

NOTE: Send a similar letter to the bank, but simplified and tweeked.
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If this doesn’t work, there are some more steps that can be taken. Taking them to small claims court is one viable option or do some more research on the subject and see what you come up with.


And that is concludes this segment on How to get out of ChexSystemss

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