Identify a Market in women

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We want to share with you about one type of market out there. The idea is to always identify and how to reap the benefits. One market we have focused on is "The Women’s Market". Women shop about three times more than men do. It’s been that way for a while, however, there are some difference from the past and present which are some of the following:

In the past, women spent men’s money.
Today, more and more women are spending their own money.

In the past, men generally made all the financial decisions.
Today, more women are in the driver seat when it comes to financial decisions.

When it comes to marketing, women were a niche marketing.
Today, they are "The Market"

In the past, women tolerated male oriented marketing.
Today, women embrace female oriented marketing.

Here’s a few ideas for you that you can do. Gather a bunch of women and pick their brains. Ask them detailed question to start learning and getting ideas of what gap is there to be filled. Then do some research on that market by reading books and other sources as well.

We leave you with this:

1. Capitalize on the Women’s Market.
2. Recognize they are not all home maker. They are now the new Executives.
3. Don’t Ignore the age 50+ Market (It’s There).
4. Hire Women Executives to get a woman’s perspective.
5. Get Personal – Sell yourself as well as Product. 6. Find a need and fill it

Article Title: Identify a Market in women.

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