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Posted byadmin- October 17, 2012 at 5:54 pm

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  1. manu lalim says:


  2. Maria E Acosta says:

    To improve your client base, offer special tutorial and testing packages at a discount rate to employment agencies, community colleges, and vocational schools.

    A lot of the employment agencies require applicants to take a “Prove It” test for QuickBooks. They sometimes require use of old Java software that the agencies do not want to buy and the applicants cannot afford.

    Unfortunately you have not updated the tutorial since the 2000 QuickBooks version. It is very hard to prepare for the test because the tutorial is so out dated.

    Please forward this to your technology and customer service managers or directors.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you

  3. nandana salgado says:

    Ican expand my accounting knowledge throgh quickbooks

  4. Jeri says:

    I just started using Quick Books recently for a new job. Unfortunately, many temporary people were using it before me and it is a mess. Question: I have two vendors but they are the same account. Can I combine them and how without loosing any information.
    It seems that the other people were just choosing either account and I want to eliminate one into the other one.

    • admin says:

      You can merge the Vendor, Employee or Customer names by going to one of them, choosing one of them then editing the name to exactly match the other one. QuickBooks will then ask you if you want to merge them.
      You edit any Contact name (Vendor, Customer or Employee by clicking the pencil icon on the top right on the right side of the page of the Center you are in, by right clicking on the name and choosing edit, OR by highlighting the name then choosing the Edit on the Icon Bar and choose Edit below it.
      To change an “Other Name” you go to Lists, Other Name list, double click on the name, right click to edit OR choose the Other Name tab below the list to edit it. You can also change the type from Other Names to Vendor which I would do. If you choose an Other Name as the type in setting up a new vendor you loose the capability to view all transactions easily as in the Vendor Center. I rarely use Other Names because of that.

  5. mrxasan says:

    I’m very happy to see like this web
    thanks allot

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