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Proper Accounts Payable Outsourcing is a key component for keeping healthy vendor relationships, maintaining the highest of credit lines and maximizing daily company cash flow. Therefore, poor Management can lead to reduced or eliminated credit line with vendor if invoices/bills are not paid on time. It could also lead to fees and loss of credibility with banks if invoices/bills are paid too early, depleting cash, not leaving enough funds in the bank to cover those payments.

Bookkeeping Geeks can manage the most basic accounts to the highest level of Accounts Payable Outsourcing Management.

Tax Shop can execute your Accounts Payable needs one of two ways..

* Invoices can be sent to your company and submitted to us by your company.
* Invoices can be sent directly to us from your vendors by changing the billing address.

Our automation system is what enables us to keep our client’s Accounts Payable department running like clockwork with real time tracking and reporting.

Tax Shop are also proficient in making sure that payments going out get put in the right accounts. Placing payments in the wrong account can have significance difference in your financial reports and can be harmful if subject to an Audit. Tax Shop make sure to ensure communication to get the job done right.

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