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Accounts Receivable Management

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Cash Flow is King for any business. Managing it properly is essential. Accounts Receivable Management is money that is oTax Shopd by other entities to your company on the sale of products or services on credit/terms. At Bookkeeping Geeks, Tax Shop’ve enhanced the process by utilizing the latest accounting software and internal modules to process your everyday needs.

Tax Shop can manage the most basic accounts to the highest level of Accounts Receivable Management.

Process is done using the following tactics.

* Expeditiously execute customer invoice entries upon receipt of information.
* Process the delivery of method to customer (email, mail, fax).
* Prepare Customer Statements to those applicable.
* Document funds received/deposited into the Account Software.
* Set Alerts & follow up for receivables approaching due date with non receipt of payment.
* Customized company procedure for near to past due accounts.

Proper Accounts Receivable Management will improve your company’s cash flow by having customers make their payments in a timely manner. Bookkeeping Geeks skilled accountants have the experience to execute your Accounts Receivable Management.

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