Bank Reconciliation Problems

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Now that you have seen our basic tutorial on bank reconciliation in QuickBooks, we will attack one of the basic bank reconciliation problems.

Bank Reconciliation Problems

Quickbooks Bank Reconciliation Problems

We were asked if those items reconciled can be edited once they have been reconciled.

The short answer is: Sometime parts Yes and other parts No.

The main thing you do not want to change is the dollar amount.
Nor do you want to delete the transaction.

However, you can change the date for example, or the type of account it went into.

When you do get to having QuickBooks bank reconciliation problems, you can first check the "Discrepancies Reports" to see if anything is spotted there.

Worst case, you may have to "Undo Last Reconciliation" and redo it over again
You can force an entry in there to make it reconcile.

NOTE: Visit and learn more from our first lesson QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation or watch another video we did for someone else on how to do a bank reconciliation.

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