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Bank Statement Reconciliation

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Bank Statement Reconciliation and Credit Card Reconciliation can be complicated and time consuming. This area of accounting does not fall short on the importance of good Credit Card & Bank Statements.

Bank Statement Reconciliation

* Matching entries against the statement will help identify errors.
* Monitoring and eliminating avoidable fees and irregular charges.
* Controlling Cash Flow by voiding and doing stop payments on expired checks.
* Reduction of IRS audit by having accurate numbers.

Credit Card Reconciliation

Now that you have paid your vendors through Accounts Payable and have received funds from your Accounts Receivable, reconciling entries against your statement would be the next step.

Key factors to keep in mind.

* Inquiring or disputing unfamiliar charges can credit money back into your account.
* Proper classifying account entries will help maintain accurate financial reporting.

Bookkeeping Geeks skilled and experienced accountants can tackle basic to complex Credit Card & Bank Statement Reconciliation. Providing speedy and accurate reconciliations will translate into savings back into your company’s pocket. Tax Shop truly understand the value of having accurate numbers in a timely manner.

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