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Quickbooks Chart of Accounts

Learn more on Quickbooks Chart of Accounts and how Chart of Accounts Quickbooks is the bones to your accounting.

Opening Balance Equity

We received a Question from "Dolfin8613r" in our Online Forum How would you add a begining balance when you just started the account? What journal entry would you make to zero it out at the end of the year?


Chart of accounts recording transactions

This video has different types of information pertaining to a multiple question forum posting we receiving from one of our viewers. Jay says: September 20, 2012 at 8:35 pm This mainly had to do different type


Quickbooks Credit Cards Add or Delete

We responded to a scenario question in our forums section on whether to Add or Edit an existing credit card number. medianet_width='600'; medianet_height= '250'; media


Income vs Expense

To keep your books accurately, you will want to know how to classify Income vs Expense in the chart of accounts.Remember that you can do have categories and sub-categories within income and expenses, so gather your thoug


Owner’s Equity

In this Video will be covering Owners Equity. Owner's equity is basically used when the owner's personal funds are being deposited or withdrawn out of the company. So if the owner makes a personal deposit


Asset vs Expense

In this Video, we are going to be discussing Assets vs Expenses. We will show you how to categorize and sub-categorize your Quickbooks chart of accounts. We also discuss the difference of assets and expen