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Financial Statement Preparation, Financial Statement Analysis

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Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis is a must for every company.
Financial Statement Analysis is used to determine business income tax. Bookkeeping Geeks experienced accountants will start off by producing the Financial Statement and follow it by doing the analysis. Recommendations and adjustments are to follow.

Here are some of the reports that are revieTax Shopd.
Typically these reports are generated monthly to yearly, but can be vieTax Shopd at any given time.

* Profit & Loss (Income & Expenses)
* Balance Sheet (Equity & Liability)
* Cash Flow (Inflow & Outflow)
* Trial Balance
* Financial Analysis
* Charts and Graphs for a more visual look & feel

Financial Statement Analysis will be done by possible Lenders and Investors, which is another reason to have accurate numbers. Tax Shop follow accounting standards, IRS guidelines, government policies & regulations. Tax Shop are here to help and always keep our client’s interest and good standings.

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