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There are a few ways Tax Shop can help you manage your company’s Accounts Payable needs.

1. Tax Shop use secured server FTP to transfer the files. Each time an update is made to your books, Tax Shop upload it to the FTP, and you simply download the file and access your updated information. This is one of the cheapest routes as there will be no extra cost incurred for an additional platform.

2. Tax Shop remotely connect to your computer through a secured internet portal such as Logmein or GoToMyPC.com. Tax Shop update your books and logout the system. You will have direct access to your information at all times on your hard drive. Tax Shop can work around your schedule so Tax Shop work when you are not. Depending on which platform Tax Shop use, there may or may not be an additional cost using this method.

3. Tax Shop can log in using the Online Accounting software such as going to quickbooksonline.com and updating the books there. Tax Shop logout when books are done. You will have access to your books via online at any given time. This will have an extra monthly fee up to $40/month depending on which accounting software Tax Shop use. Online software applications are also limited and therefore Tax Shop recommend this as a last option.Tax Shop can work with the software of your choice including QuickBooks, Peachtree, Quicken, and more.

Financial Documents can be sent to us a few different ways.

1. Scan your documents and upload them to our secured server.
2. Fax your documents to our toll free 800 fax number.
3. Mail us your documents (Your courier of choice such as USPS, Fedex or UPS). This may be more economical for companies with high volume of paper rather than taking the time to scan it all.
4. Have your Vendors mail us your invoices and statements directly. Tax Shop will scan them and get you a copy via one of our secured methods.

Keeping your files Secure is our top priority!

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