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If you ever need to sub-categorize your customers (for example, your customer has multiple customers), then QuickBooks Customer Job is what you will be using.


How to Setup Customer Job in Quickbooks

This video lesson below is a reply to a property manager that has clients that have tenants. One of his clients have 97 tenants. The whole idea of separating these 97 tenants is to get detailed Profit and Loss Reporting based on each tenant, and not just the client overall. Watch this if you want to learn how to setup customer job in QuickBooks.

1.Set up each Client

2.Set up each Tenant under that Customer as a "Job"

3.When entering BILLS, expenses from CC’s, etc that pertain to the "Tenant/Job", be sure to note the tenant in the "Customer:Job" field of the Bill in QB.  You DO NOT need to click BILLABLE. 

4.You mentioned keeping track of their overdue.  I am assuming you are entering invoices and sending them to the tenants or have it as a Memorized Transaction so the A/R is current.  If so, be sure to Select the "Tenant/Job" under that Customer when invoicing it out.  Then you can run an A/R aging to reflect current open balances

5.If everything is entered properly, you can run a P&L for each Customer and/or Tenant as following:
Reports / Job, Time & Mileage / Profit & Loss by Job

NOTE: Here are instructions to upload jobs in multiple fashion.
Got to: Lists / Add/Edit Multiple List Entries
Customize Columns to include JOB OF and NAME
JOB OF Field will be the Client
Name will be the Tenant
If you create and Excel sheet that is the same format as the List Entries, you can copy and paste it all in at once.

NOTE: This is a bit different than QuickBooks class tracking which is to separate two separate company or projects for example under one roof.

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