Quickbooks Online 2013 – Vendors and Banking

  • Sumo

Quick Note: Vendors Doesn’t have interface that Customers has with Income List.

Quickbooks Online Recording Transaction with Banking

-New Feature in QBO 2013 called Cash Expense which is to separate from Write a check to show a more visual difference for the beginner.

-Downloaded Transactions in Quickbooks Online 2013. You can see multiple accounts at once. View up to 100 transactions. Makes it easy to add vendors and match transactions. Has a nightly download feature. (Demo Shown)

Unaccepted Transaction versus Accepted Transactions in Quickbooks Online 2013
-You can accept one at a time or multiple at a time
-You can exclude personal expenses
-You can Undo Error Transactions

Inventory and Purchase Orders in QBO 2013

– Company/Preferences
Quantity on Hand Checked off

– Customers / Products and Services List
Track Quantity on Hand (for inventory items)
Add some inventory products

– Vendors/Purchase Orders
Purchased orders must be received in full. If not, then readjust PO and add new PO for the difference. For Partial PO’s renaming would be suggested to use points.

Example PO# 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc..

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