Quickbooks Online Reports

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Quick Note: Re-arrange Menu to most important Reports

Benefits of Quickbooks Reports for QB Online 2013

Company Snapshot
– Gives you visual of how your income and expense are looking.
– Measures the Top 5 of each Group again each other
– Shows you where you make the most income and where you spend the most money
– Easily navigates to details by clicking on item
– Comparison below to previous year which can be filtered by single accounts
– Shows a preview or A/R and A/P

Company ScoreCard
– Measures your Company versus the Industry
– Make sure Peer Group is Set Properly
– Compares Income (Graphs and Details) – Set Date Range
Reports For Customers
– Customer Balance Detail (Open and Running Balance)

Collections Reports
– Similar to Customer Balance Report but more detailed
– Has days past due and customer info

Customize and Memorize Reports
– Example – Any Report
– Customize – Add and Delete Columns
– Then Click Memorize to Save Report
– Go to Reports / Memorized Reports and it will bring it up
– You can Schedule Email Report

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