Quickbooks Refund Customer

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There are several approaches on how to do QuickBooks Refund Customer. Below is couple examples on how to refund a customer.

Quickbooks Undeposited Funds

Refund Customer in Quickbooks

If a customer was either overcharged or returned an item or service, then you can either credit the account or give a refund. It can be partial or full refund

If you want to give credit versus refunding, check out this videon on Apply Credit Memo in QuickBooks.

However, if you want to quickbooks refund customer, then you have several options to doing so.

One option is to revise the invoice or sales receipt for the actual amount. You will then see there is a credit to the customer. From there you can choose to issue customer refund on that credit.

Second option is to create a credit memo. From there once again you can issue customer refund on that credit. See quickbooks tutorial lesson below

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