Quickbooks Setup

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Welcome to the first segment of Quickbooks for Beginners where we guide you through the simple Quickbooks Setup process.

Starting off will be setting up the company profile which includes your company name, address, phone number and other related information.

Then it is advisable to create a password & backup your work file. Also take advantage of customizing the icon bar for easy navigation.

It is also important to setup the basic Chart of Accounts (bank, credit cards, expenses). We personally did skip the interview process option in the beginning as we have used it before. For first time users, if you have the spare time, its something that might be of benefit to you.


Setting up Quickbooks

The Quickbooks Setup is broken up into 2 video tutorials. This will teach how on setting up Quickbooks.

Quickbooks Setup Video #1

Quickbooks Setup Video #2

We hope you enjoyed this video on Quickbooks Setup. Once you have viewed this video, you can move on to the next video on Accounts Payable.

For more Advanced Quickbooks Training on Quickbooks Setup, visit this section here.

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