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Dear Potential Sponsor
We have created a unique platform that helps and educates people who are in search and needing help. We primarily focus on teaching accounting through the use of quickbooks as well as using the software and its features. We also offer Tax Advice and anything related to Finance and Business. What makes our site unique is that we fabricate customized video responses to people’s questions through our forum and throughout the site. Best of all, we do this all for Free! It’s an offer that our audience simply can not refuse.
Our viewership and membership is growing each month. For the most part, we get nothing but raving reviews. We have surveyed our audience to the best ability that we can that way we get to know our audience. From the responses we have gotten, we average 60% women and about 40% men. We range from graduates to current students, from business owners, full time employed to the unemployed seeking jobs. We have more statistic to share privately as well
We can customize sponsorship packages to satisfy your needs as we are here to help you success in your business as we help people succeed with our video tutorials. Below are our standard packages that will give you some ideas of what we can offer.
$3600 1 year commitment.
$6000 1 year commitment.
$12,000 1 year commitment.
$20,000 1 year commitment.

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